About Us

At WENGS, we believe in more than just profit.

Founded by Mr. RJ Raawat, an environmentalist and philanthropist with a deep passion for humanity, wildlife, and the environment, our mission extends beyond business success. We're dedicated to supporting startup companies by providing affordable IT services, empowering them to thrive and contributing to the growth of Indian businesses. With WENGS, it's about making a difference while making your vision a reality.


Our Solutions

Discover our innovative products designed to streamline your operations and empower your organization.


An advanced invoicing and accounting solution that simplifies your financial management tasks effortlessly.


School/Coaching admission management platform that streamlines the enrollment process, making it more efficient and secure.


An innovative crowdfunding platform for NGOs and charitable organizations, facilitating support for humanitarian, wildlife, and environmental causes.

Startup India

Recognized by Startup India, Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

23 Aug 2020

Date of Issue

16 Dec 2029


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